Sweet Aroma 2 – Elena Max

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Peeking in through large windows from outdoors, we get our first view of sexy tattooed brunette Elena Max. Dressed in a red satin chemise, she sits on a soft blanket in the center of a bare concrete floor. She is playing with several pairs of unwashed panties, raising each one to her nose so she can inhale its scent.

Lost in bliss, she smiles to herself as she enjoys the unique fragrance of each lace, satin or cotton crotch. Whether they are familiar or new to her remains a mystery, but it’s clear she relishes handling and sniffing every pair. Horny, she slides a manicured hand between her splayed thighs and begins to masturbate her shaved pussy.

Knees raised and bare, pedicured toes pointing, Elena reams her slit, sprawling back and kicking her legs as she strums harder and faster. She tosses her long hair, natural breasts jiggling in her chemise as her pleasure builds. Soon she is lying on her back, feet crossed and rubbing together as she continues to frig herself.

A close-up reveals her peachy butt-cheeks, tight asshole and swollen pink, as she massages her mound and butterfly lips. Then her fingers get back to work, grinding on her sticky-slick folds. One tit escapes her satin lingerie and she caresses it – but her pussy is the main focus as she rolls and squirms on the blanket.

Crouching doggie-style she bangs herself relentlessly, moaning as her body rocks and bucks. She reaches back, switching the angle, and kneads her anal pucker with her palm as her fingertips plow inside of her. At last, her rack is revealed in all its glory – pert and perfect with erect, puffy pink nipples. They quiver as her moans and cries echo off of the walls, and she cums to an intense orgasm. When we finally leave her, she is smiling in ecstasy…