Double Pleasure 2 – Monika Alen

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Stunning brunette Monika Alen enters her bathroom, filmed from behind. Naked aside from a tiny, string-back thong, she flaunts and caresses her gorgeous body. She splays her butt cheeks then cups and strokes her perfect natural breasts. A hot-pink mock-cock dildo is ready for use – but first, she has another toy to play with.

As she admires her huge brown eyes and full, rosy lips in the mirror, she reaches back and grinds a shiny metal buttplug along her slit and crack. She yanks the thong to one side then probes her asshole, moaning as the silver bulb penetrates her, leaving just the base – set with a heart-shaped pink jewel – visible between her buns.

Grasping the gem-studded end, she plows the plug in and out, then removes it and sucks the dildo. Next, she takes the pink shaft in her snatch for a couple strokes, lubing it with her juices, before sliding it inside of her asshole. It’s a tight fit and her moans become even louder as she pounds herself harder and faster.

A short pause sees her withdraw it – then, shooting ‘upskirt’ from below, the camera captures a close-up as she plunges it back in, and her pucker stretches wide open around the girth. She throws a seductive glance back over her shoulder, then braces herself against the tile wall as she pushes the dildo in her backdoor right down to the hilt.

Spinning to lean back, Monika displays her quivering tits and rock-hard pink nipples. The toy is now deep in her ass, cramming her full, as she splays her legs and frigs her clit. Hand a blur, she reams herself to a screaming climax. It seems almost too intense and she slumps down on her back. With the dildo removed, her asshole regains its former tightness – and, as she fingers her clit, she cums even harder the second time. We leave her smiling at the camera, totally ecstatic…