Bound For Pleasure 2 – Valentina Love

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Czech blonde Valentina Love is bound in her home dungeon, dressed for kink in thigh-high leather boots, stockings, a thong and bustier, topped off with a pussycat fetish mask. Collared and cuffed to a solid-wood post and beam, she writhes and squirms, struggling against her bonds but relishing the restriction.

After a couple minutes she slips free, displaying her stunning ass as she uncuffs her wrists then sprawls back on a leather bed. Next, she gets on her knees, splaying her firm cheeks to flaunt the skinny thong between them. She bites down on a black riding crop as she moves, catlike, on the hide, then pulls her underwear tight up into her slit, sawing it against her shaved pussy.

Now Valentina strips, lowering her bustier to expose small, perfect breasts. Then she tugs on the leash with one hand as the other spanks her thighs with the crop, just hard enough to titillate. Moaning, she yanks her thong aside and works the textured shaft of the whip against her pink, to build up friction, then sucks on the leather keeper as her fingers stroke her snatch.

Lying back on the hide bed, she slips off her thong, legs raised high and spread wide as she starts to masturbate. Her manicured fingers rub and part her puffed-up lips as her snatch oozes its slick juices. In need of something a little more stimulating she sucks on a heavy steel butt-plug, shaped like a stylized cock. She grinds it on her clit, then probes inside of her pussy.

Moaning and sighing, Valentina plows herself, humping up against the toy. Her feet kick in her sexy boots then clamp together, and she bites down on the leash as she bangs herself to an intense orgasm. Her spasming snatch and tight asshole are captured in close-up detail and, as the movie ends, she just keeps cumming…