Red Pantyhose 2 – Lilly Mays

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It’s party time and sexy tattooed Lilly Mays is keeping her look simple. Her hair – a copper-blonde bob with Bettie bangs – is worn sleek and smooth, and her makeup is nude with just a hint of lipgloss. Her outfit, too, is unfussy but sassy: a black slip micro-minidress worn with red-fishnet pantyhose.

She pulls them on slowly and carefully, stretching the scarlet mesh over her long, slim legs – only to snag a nail and rip them. Unable to hide the damage, she shreds the pantyhose in exasperation, until a gaping hole bares her entire thigh. She seems to find this cathartic; as she yanks the fabric and her lace thong sideways to expose her shaved pussy, her frustration turns to arousal.

Lilly slides an elaborately manicured finger between her puffy lips, smiling now as she rubs her clit. Her taste for kink is revealed, too: she has a selection of whips hanging from her towel hooks. She chooses a small black riding crop and runs the heart-shaped keeper over her naked flesh, stroking and spanking, and sucking and biting on each end.

Blissed out, she rips more holes in her pantyhose, homing in on the crotch. She teases her slit with the whip handle, then spanks her legs harder. She begins to masturbate, moaning as her fingers part and tease her folds then slip inside of her moist hole. She taps the crop against her pink then uses the handle as a dildo, circling and grinding it against her sensitized, punished flesh before inserting it.

As she screws her snatch, she frees and caresses her braless perfect-handful breasts. Then she stands up to spank her thighs as her hand works between them, and she sighs, gasps and yelps in pleasure-pain. Sitting once more, legs raised and fishnet-clad toes pointing, Lilly cries out as she plows and whips herself to an intense and prolonged orgasm. Finally, she strips off her pantyhose, tosses them into the tub and exits the bathroom…