Shave 2 – Isabella Delaa

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Sizzling-hot Czech blonde Isabella Delaa sits in her kitchen, with her shaving kit laid out on the counter: scissors and a razor, along with a small zip-seal bag. Dressed in a latex bra-top, stockings-and-garters-print pantyhose, and spike-heeled platform shoes, she sits on a chair, then raises one arm and inhales, relishing the aroma. Next, she removes her top to expose perfect breasts.

She drools on her stubbled armpit, shaves it smooth, then taps the razor over the open bag to collect the hairs from the blades. The bag already contains pubes, revealing Isabella’s fetish for body hair, and the natural scents that infuse it.

Again, she huffs her own sexy odor, this time directly from the bag, then lowers her pantyhose to reveal her hairy pussy. Carefully, she trims her bush, catching the fuzz as it falls. She takes another sniff, then leans over the chair and begins to masturbate, manicured fingers pumping in and out.

Sitting on the chair once more, she raises her long legs high in the air. She inserts the index finger of each hand into her wet snatch, stretching it open as she plows it. Her middle digits tease the rim of her tight asshole, then sink inside of her pussy, too, opening her up even wider. She can’t resist another huff and reaches for the bag of hairs as one hand keeps her pink hot and wet.

In only a couple minutes she hits the brink of orgasm and cries out loud as she cums hard. However, she’s not yet done, and she lounges back in her chair and caresses her tits and crotch. Grasping the bag she inspects her mound, tugging on her remaining pubes, already contemplating an even closer shave so she can add them to her fragrant collection…