Scent Of Me 2 – Rika Fane

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It’s a sunny day and Rika Fane, a hot Czech babe with a long blonde bob, is lying on a chaise reading a book. She is wearing a red cutaway teddy under a scarlet fishnet minidress, with matching lipstick. Her feet are bare and she teases her leg with her toes, then caresses her body with manicured fingers. She rubs herself through the red-lace crotch and sniffs her hand – the scent is subtle but distinctively horny.

On her feet, she sniffs her underarms, peels off her dress, and sits to inhale the aroma of her body from the brightly colored mesh. Then she sees a pair of glittery black panties, discarded during some earlier fun on the chaise, and raises them to her mouth and nose. They are still moist and aromatic, and she rubs them and the dress over her golden-tan skin, entranced by her own sexy fragrance.

She frees her perfect, perky breasts and strokes her nipples with the black panties. Then she strips naked and works both garments over her slim curves. As she brings the teddy into the mix, sniffing it, she begins to masturbate. Her neon-polished fingertips skim the puffy contours of her shaved pussy, then sink inside of it.

Shot in sharp close-up Rika pleasures herself, then crouches on the chaise, ass up and the panties between her teeth as she reaches back to ream her snatch from behind. Her middle finger plows in deep as the digits flanking it tease her lips. Then, lounging back once more, tiptoes braced against the wooden floor, she circles her swollen clit, moaning as her orgasm builds.

Within just a minute or so she’s whimpering, legs kicking as she cums hard, clutching the black underwear and rubbing it against her tits and face. She writhes and stretches out naked on the chaise, trying to return to her book – but the scent of her climax on her fingers is now too much of a distraction…