Sweet sex with Natasha Sweet

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Is there any place hotter than a sauna to have hot sex? Probably a steam bath, but that would fog our lenses. Is there any woman hotter than massively-busty 32G-cupper Natasha Sweet? Every Natasha scene I’ve seen is sizzling. Having strong studs who can keep it hard for her is an absolute must.

“I like guys who can be good slaves and guys very good at sex who know how to manage big boobs,” said Natasha. She needs guys with big hands to handle her gigantic, supple tits. “I like the feeling when a guy looks at my big breasts and he gets nervous and excited.”

Natasha is not one for game players.

“I like a man to take command. He must be good to me and treat me well. I don’t enjoy it when a man pretends to be a challenge. I feel this means he is not sincerely attracted to me.”

Some girls have told us they like a challenge, a guy who plays hard to get. Maserati said she is attracted to men who don’t pay attention to her or even ignore her. That point-of-view would puzzle Natasha, a woman who’s used to being chased.