Short ‘n’ stacked Rachel Love gets wet and dick drunk

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Rachel Love is one of the greatest short ‘n’ stacked naturals ever, and in this scene, we see why. Rachel is in her backyard. She’s wearing a little pink top and watering the shrubs with a hose, but then she turns the hose on herself and gets her tits wet. By the time her guy shows up, she’s ready for action. She sucks and fucks him P.O.V.-style, still outdoors, and takes his load on her tits.

Rachel once coined the term “dick drunk.” I’d never heard it before and asked her to explain, which she kindly did.

“Here at SCORE, you seem to find guys with monster cocks,” Rachel said. “One guy was in the massive department. It only took a few pumps before my head was rattled and I knew I was drunk. You know you’re headed for trouble and you’re gonna be dick drunk, so you’re gonna be stupid for the rest of the day. I’m wondering if my pussy can take more, and then she does, but it takes a little time to work up to it. For some reason, you guys always have big fuckers. I don’t know what the deal is with SCORE. I guess you guys have the biggest girls with the biggest breasts, so you might as well have the guys with the biggest cocks, too.”

We did our best to keep Rachel as dick drunk as possible.

“I’m just dirty all the time,” she said.

Here, she proves she can get clean and dirty at the same time. Ya gotta love Rachel.