Raven Lane’s Ass Is The Birthday Gift, Scene #01

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Sometimes the angels do look out for you. Take our man Tee for instance. Today has been shit. It’s his birthday and literally nobody even cares. No parties at work. No friends offering to have a bbq for him. Recently his wife left him and took his family. He has no new girlfriend. Yep, this man is as lonely as you can be. It looks like it is going to be one lonely night for Tee. When he gets home he notices that the back slider is open. He could have sworn he locked it. Then when he walks up the stairs he finds a naked woman in his bed tied up with happy birthday balloons. What the fuck? Who is she and how did she get in? Turns out this woman lives in the neighborhood and found out how lonely Tee was and decided to take a chance. Lonely women will do this. Sure it’s kind of stalkerish and crazy but what the hell – that is one nice pussy and the babe is offering up her asshole too? Now that’s what I call party time. Tee gets buried deep in her fuck hole slurping away. It’s game on motherfuckers as Tee pulls out his trusty hole blasting rod and gets to shoving it into the willing slut’s mouth and pussy. Wow is she horny and ready. It’s not long ’til he is doing a birthday mamba on her asshole. Soon Tee is frosting her face like it’s his birthday cake. Happy birthday to me.