Putting Sperm In Sophia

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Sophia Locke and Michael Jackman have been trying so hard to get pregnant and have decided to consult with a fertility clinic that many of their friends have recommended. Immediately Dr. Don Sudan & Dr. Sheem The Dream make both of them feel comfortable and assure them that they are willing to go to any length to solve this problem for them. Michael has of course brought in a sperm sample to be analyzed and unfortunately Dr. Sheem after running some tests has determined that Michael’s sperm is absolutely worthless. So Dr. Sudan asks the nice couple just how far are they willing to go to solve this problem. Both Sophia and Michael agree that whatever it takes. Dr.’s Sudan and Sheem then explain they have a fool-proof plan to get as much sperm as needed into her pussy. Sophia takes both of their cocks in hand and says again, whatever she has to do it’s worth it and devours their cocks with a passion that she did not know was inside her. They begin to pummel her pussy relentlessly trying to get as deep as possible to leave their cum in the best possible spot. When they finally have both emptied there nuts into Sophia they give her and Hubby a moment alone for Michael to clean up and kiss his amazing Wife.