Chloe Cooper in Step Daddy Dalmer – Vol 2 (Part 4), Scene #01

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Coercion and Confessions-

‘Step-Daddy, where are you?’ Chloe yells down the hallway. She notices an open door at the end of the hall, and she walks on in. She finds her step-daddy David with two police officers. Chloe asks Lt. Chase to explain why her big tits are exposed, and she confesses that she was trying to use her tits to get David to confess to a crime! Sadly for Lt. Chase, it did not work. Everyone in the room is starting to get horny though, so Officer Hicks decides to join Chloe and Lt. Chase by pulling her big tits out from under her clothes as well. Lt. Chase hops up on to the table and David starts to fuck her pussy, while Chloe and Officer Hicks play with each other in the background. The MILF’s switch places and David starts to fuck Officer Hicks pussy while Cory finger fuck’s Chloe on the table next to them. David fucks his step-daughter Chloe next, followed by Cory’s pussy again. Melanie sits in front of Cory so Cory can eat Melanie’s pussy out while David is fucking her from behind. When he is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Cory and Chloe’s faces and in their mouths!