By My Side – Lovita Fate & Stanley Jones

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Cute blonde Lovita Fate is cuddling in bed with Stanley Jones, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “By My Side” begins. She gets up and starts chopping fruit for a salad, but is distracted as he joins her in the kitchen, kissing and hugging her tenderly. Stanley lifts the petite beauty up onto the counter, peels off her white lace panties and licks her shaved pussy, giving her an intense orgasm. Lovita bends over the counter, inviting her lover to fuck her from behind. He makes her gasp as he thrusts into her wet heat, their bodies slamming together until she climaxes again; they switch places and she sucks his cock eagerly, her cheeks hollowed as she bobs her head to take him deeper in her mouth. Straddling Stanley in a cowgirl squat, Lovita rides energetically until they orgasm in unison, his cum seeping out over her fingers as she strokes her drenched pussy.